ibu Family Resource Group is a not for profit association that has been helping young families and new parents in Kuala Lumpur since 1989. ibu is run entirely by volunteers and we always welcome new recruits. Without our volunteers, ibu would not exist.

Volunteering with ibu can be a rewarding experience. Not only do you have the satisfaction of helping the organisation to continue to operate, you get to meet new people, make new friends, watching your children develop socialisation skills & having a good chat with other parents.

You can volunteer with ibu on an ad hoc basis by helping out with our events, working bees or fundraisers. You can volunteer a more regular basis, typically a few hours per week/month with our Support Groups, Playgroups, Activities Team or bonda. If you are looking for a challenge without going back to work, becoming an ibu Committee Member gives you the gratification of a job but on a more flexible arrangement. Volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities and bring a diverse range of skills and experience to ibu. Don’t be shy – volunteering at ibu is a great way to get to know people if you’re new in town.

In addition, there are some paybacks to becoming a volunteer with ibu, including free playgroups, credit towards Events & Activities, or free membership for our Committee.

For further information about Volunteering with ibu, please contact ibu@ibufamily.org